Are We Criminals?

by Family Vacation



released May 26, 2017

Music and lyrics by Jacob Chatfield.
Vocals on track five by Max Niemann.
Vocals on tracks two, four, and seven by Kayla Mickelsen.
Additional guitars by Max Niemann and Bobby Crandell.
Additional guitar on track thirteen by Jason Omo-Osagie.
Additional percussion by Bobby Crandell.
Special thanks to warm milk and Gaywitch Records



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Friends With Pools
I’ve got friends with swimming pools
And when they’re on Vacation or away at school
Then I’ll take a swim if their mom’s not home
And if their brother’s cool
Though he told me once he listens to Tool

Later on in an unmade bed
I said I lost my wallet she’s like “of course you did”
She didn’t seem all that disappointed then
And even less so than
If we had the chance to do it

In the morning in a half made bed
I asked her what’s for breakfast, said she’s making eggs
But there’s a Waffle House a couple blocks away
And I should get there soon
To be the damning Sunday tunes
Track Name: Every Song
All I heard is “son you’re fucked from the start”
All I heard is that it’s just one part of me
Most happy ends stem impossible means
How do you love music if you don’t like the Clean?

A guardian at my door
Is all I’m asking for
‘cause I’m constantly bored
When every song’s a chore

I drew a ghost climbing out of the ground
It had a meaning once before you left town
I washed the dishes and I washed the car
I called it phone and you called it art
Track Name: Black Cloud Kid
I never knew
Which side to choose
We’re all just constructs
Would Dad approve?

Well South Hill is getting fat
But he likes Pavement and I like that too

Or Miami
Clearwater Beach
Anywhere with palm trees

Family Vacation’s loose
He’s a manifestation of you

If they both knew
I had to choose
FV would be alright
But South Hill don’t like to lose

South Hill is a black cloud kid
He writes his fate and he runs with it
Track Name: No More Early Times I
Drinking coffee ‘round a living room table
I think I know this band I’ve heard of their label
They’ve got that sound I like
I wonder if they’re tight live

I’m flipping through a Chicago museum catalog
Whatcha got tonight whatcha got going on
Let’s catch a train downtown
Walk around, fool around tonight

Surfing the internet I’m searching for meaning
Nihilistic album titles stretch my laptop screen
You scratch my back that’s nice
I know that there’s a price on that

Drinking whiskey ‘round a living room table
They said “we like your sound but we’re not the right label
Just keep the music tight
But we can’t put a price on that”

Who is South Hill and whose he belong to
Who is South Hill and what’s he mean to you?
An alien, an alias or a part of you
Sweet girl
Says she ain’t got that mind so lose it
My girl
Says she ain’t got the time to prove it
Some girls
Drive from Rockland to State to do it
My girl
Swears on something divine she knew it
Track Name: Are We Criminals?
Today was not like other days
I know this much
There are some crimes that must be done
I didn’t ask for this
I spent my commission on a pastel Jesus and wine

I wrote my alibi
Then tossed it instantly
Some inconsistent lines about staying inside
And watching Thrones reruns
But what did I expect I was rolling dice?

Are we criminals?
‘cause I’ve been thinking
if you let me off I would be back soon
In a different guise don’t be surprised
I’ll see you on the other side
Track Name: Bad Fruit
I lost my footing and fell from Heaven
I’m a spectator but I witnessed nothing

So what’s new?
You’re looking around like someone’s watching you
Oh you
Your paranoid thoughts have finally become true
Now think through
The evidence left at South Hill Station
So what to do?
But leave our towns for a Family Vacation

I killed the silence with a neurotic laughter
A perfect suicide is one that nobody dies from

So it goes
For I am Mammon accepting my new Hell
Oh well
I’m afraid of death now since chewing on bad fruit
Track Name: No More Early Times II
All this
For a better look at that trick
For a hairy face and chapstick
I never said that it was mine
Oh my

These lines
For redemption and a surprised
I could see it glow in your eyes
I’m not trying to decide
Oh my
Oh my

Your hits
Are good for nothing but a fat lip
She likes guitars just not electric
A life defined by one
Tragic night

To late mornings and to night drives
To the silent cry in your eyes
I never wanted to decline
Oh my
Oh my
Track Name: 43 Hours/44th Hour
Moments of confidence
Eclipsed by signs of abandonment
I lost my head on 65
Couldn’t convince me that I felt alive

I dressed in someone else’s skin
Fuck if I know where it’s been
Now I exist on Foreign Shapes
I’m desperate to reciprocate

So I sell Morley cigarettes
For retail value nothing less
I’ll recognize my Human Form
If they forgive my mom for when I was born

I’d never felt more exposed
Than when she whispered that she knows
She sees the inconsistencies
From what I say to what I believe

But there’s no translucent lining
And everything I’ve said’s binding
“I found a technicality”
The defense begs desperately

I know the sixth amendment
So quit pretending
Give me the witness in question
And I’ll destroy him

I know the sixth commandment
This is my trial damn
It’s not your God reprimanded
And don’t speak for him

Due to popular demand I’ve begun
My 44th hour without sun
Track Name: In My Bed
I’m in my bed
Asking questions
They’re in my head
Where South Hill Station
Was left for dead

When those kids go out on the run
Tell their dads they’ve lost their sons
To a slogan in a cape
‘Guised as something they can’t hate

The things you said
About expectations
I went to bed
With no translations

When I answer for what I’ve done
There’ll be no man with a badge nor gun
Just an old friend shaking me awake
With a blinding phone shoved in my face
Track Name: Home Alone (In My Bed Too)
It’s just like a film where the twelve come back stoic
They stare at their feet they won’t meet my eyes I know it
Indicates that the decision
Is adverse to my position
Nineteen more years in this prison
For a crime I didn’t commit although
It wasn’t from a lack of trying to
Track Name: Human Form I
I was thinking
If all eyes are on
Then I’m wasting
What’s already gone
So bring on
My Human Form

The same skin to which
I was born
Not an amorphous
Sweet Tenant in a blouse
Nor a Hill South
What was that about?